Cimteam Oy is a consultancy company in Finland


Cimteam Oy helps customers by selling AVIX software, training and consultancy services.
Target is to improve competetive advantage by improving skills, quality and efficiency.


AVIX software is digital tool for methods, process, LEAN, product and service development. It is very powerful when you analyze, plan and improve methods, coach people and create work instructions.

AVIX has excellent visualization features with VIDEOS, CAD, photographs, animations, method tree and process graphics. You can see facts visually, both total picture and you can zoom into details.

Another big advantage is that AVIX makes automatically big part of routine work when you analyze processes and create work instructions. Same data is used for different purposes.


Our customers are big and small organizations in industry, service and academic branches. Many customers are in Finland and even globally in the TOP #5 group in their segment.

Cimteam Oy was founded in 1990 (reg. 1991). Over 500 projects have been realized and over 90% of customers have made new orders. Results and customer satisfaction are very important for us.

Today our focus is on AVIX products and services, but we are happy to offer also productivity, quality (ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Medical Devices) and coaching projects. During years we have helped many customers to build their co-operation networks.

With Best Regards
Cimteam Oy
Samuli Vuorinen
Managing Director